1-31-11 Ronald Reagan in the News

"When Reagan Spoke Truth to Soviet Power" by Paul Kengor in the WSJ "On Jan. 29, 1981, barely a week into Ronald Reagan's presidency, the world got a no-nonsense education on how Reagan's America would differ from that of his predecessor. During the first press conference, ABC's Sam Donaldson asked the new president about Moscow's aims and intentions."

"Everybody Loves Reagan" by Ryan L. Cole in The American Spectator "The arrival of Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday will be accompanied by a chorus of fond reminiscences and misty-eyed appreciations."

"Ronald Reagan at 100: At true believer who caught destiny's eye" by Michael Barone in the Washington Examiner "Within the Reagan household, and perhaps in Ronald Reagan's heart," his definitive biographer Lou Cannon writes, "there was an early sense that he was a child of destiny." Certainly there was not much in his family background to suggest that. The 40th president was born one hundred years ago on Feb. 6 in the second floor of a gritty-looking building in Tampico, Ill. The family moved to other towns, and briefly to Chicago, before shoe salesman Jack Reagan and his wife, Nell, settled in the prosperous town of Dixon when Reagan was 9."

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