2-4-11 Ronald Reagan in the News

“Reagan at 100: A mentor for young conservatives” by Matt Lewis in Politics Daily on MSNBC.com “. . . young people, perhaps more than other generations, value the ability to communicate. And Reagan wasn't called "The Great Communicator" for nothing. ‘Out of all of the conservative talking heads and politicians in the last few decades, he has been the most capable of explaining the principles of conservatism in a way that is easy for anyone to understand,’” said Matthew Hurtt, 23, a copywriter for a conservative fundraising firm.

“Ronald Reagan centennial celebration will also unveil new library artifacts” by Steve Chawkins in the Los Angeles Times “. . . the most lasting commemoration may be what's unveiled to the public Monday — the $15-million overhaul of the Reagan library. About half the artifacts now on display have never been seen by the public.”

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